Coupa IPO Analysis

This pre-IPO analysis for investors focuses on how Coupa fits in the procurement market: where it’s strong, where it’s weak, who its true competitors are and how procurement organizations are looking at it and what Spend Matters think as well. In it we do not dissect (or even consider) financials, nor do we highlight the SEC registration documents in the least — or even refer to them, although the filing documents validate many of our estimates and other assumptions made previously in Spend Matters analyses.

This must-have document includes a summary overview of Coupa, definitions of e-procurement and e-invoicing, a SWOT analysis, a comparative footprint and product analysis, a competitive alternatives analysis, functional coverage ratings in key modules and areas and a Coupa outlook.

Take a look inside Coupa from the market viewpoint and see why we think a Coupa IPO is good for procurement. We leave it to you to decide if it is good for investing.

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