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Analytics & Spend Visibility Compass

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The Intersection of Analytics and Supply Chain Risk Management — Using Intelligence to Drive Early Intervention

Simply having access to supply risk information does little to avoid supply chain catastrophes. This research shows you how you can leverage supplier intelligence and analytics to drive early intervention in potentially high-risk situations. Includes vendor coverage.

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Beyond the Basics: Using Spend Visibility to Drive More Than Category Sourcing Strategies and Spend Reporting

Learn ways to drive entirely new levels of savings and compliance through spend analysis. We walk through the basics that all spend analysis systems should enable, explain how the spend analysis paradigm is changing with new technology, and cover the four new types of capabilities and approaches that spend analysis can bring.

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Analytics and P2P: Using Spending and Payment Insights to Drive Savings and Working Capital Management Strategies

Investing in the right sets of technology can drive significantly disproportionate returns when it comes to getting the most out of their overall P2P and spend analytics programs. This report covers a set of key benchmarks and specific strategies for looking at more complicated P2P information sets (e.g., legal spend, T&E spend, etc.).

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The Future of Procurement Analytics and Content—Three Scenarios For Company Adoption

This paper presents three experiential scenarios that we hope will provide companies with distinct visions for what advanced procurement analytics can enable using off-the-shelf capabilities today.