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Getting the Most From ERP Procurement and Spend Management Applications

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An ERP Outlook: Are SAP's and Oracle's Spend Management Capabilities a Fit With Your Own Technology Plans? Part 1

High-level context as well as a decision framework to help companies assess when ERP or best of breed may be more appropriate for specific areas. Examines current capabilities and provides a shortlist ranking guide for each module. Alternative recommended supplier lists for shortlist inclusion in each area are also included.

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Making ERP Procurement Technology Work – Essential Third-Party Technologies, Solutions and Deployment Models to Accelerate Returns

Highlights a number of the areas in typical P2P technology architecture and solution approach where third parties can augment and enhance core capabilities of ERP Spend Management tools, specifically in the purchase-to-pay arena. Also looks at the pros/cons of SaaS and cloud deployments (hosted via third-parties) of ERP P2P technologies.

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Getting the Most from ERP Procurement Applications – Focusing on the User Experience and Content

Discusses two key areas where continuous and thoughtful investment matter, and where capabilities from third-parties can play an essential role in driving a multiplier effect on the initial investment. Provides multiple elements and recommendations, including core summary explanations and recommendations, select tips and tactics.