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Next Level Supplier Management Compass

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Leveraging Supplier Management Platforms for Multiple Goals: Risk Reduction, Supplier Diversity and CSR

Learn more about the evolution of this market and how leading organizations are tackling – both individually and collectively – different supplier management challenges. Also provides checklists for key enabling supplier management feature, capability and solution requirements in the areas of supplier diversity, supply risk and CSR.

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Supply Risk Management – Segmenting the Technology and Content Landscape and Choosing the Right Category of Solutions

Covers frameworks to help sourcing professionals better examine which categories of provider (e.g., supplier information management/supply base management, spend analysis, etc.) are best suited to tackling types of supply risk and how best to apply. Also discusses many of the providers in different areas of the market to consider.

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Beyond Basic Scorecarding – Supplier Performance and Development Approaches to Drive Competitive Cost and Risk Advantages

Examines why supplier scorecarding and vendor management programs often come up short, and tips and tactics for designing and rolling out programs to achieve lasting returns. Two case studies from the field provide recommendations for implementing and enhancing scorecarding and development programs.

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Supplier Management Market Observations: Recent Trending, Musings on SAP's Core Offering and General Deployment Pitfalls (for all Solutions) to Avoid

Explores recent trending in the supplier management market (i.e., supply risk management, supplier performance management, CSR/compliance management, supplier diversity, P2P on-boarding, supplier development and other related areas), including the core supplier management capabilities of SAP. Covers general deployment pitfalls to avoid regardless of which provider you've opted to go with – ERP or otherwise.