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A P2P Implementation Guide:
Avoid the "Dumb Ways to Die"

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Whether it’s from default, neglect, ignorance, temporary aloofness or by habit, procurement (and A/P) organizations habitually fail to deliver on the types of eProcurement and e-invoicing results that original business cases and providers suggest is possible. In contrast to sourcing activities where some good behavior can make up for common ignorance or general poor form, the most challenging thing about P2P is that a single, poorly thought-out area can ruin an entire implementation.

While we may chuckle as our children (or we) watch and sing along to the terribly catchy YouTube sensation Dumb Ways to Die, we should pause to think about the lessons learned from thinking ahead and taking extra precautions upfront when it comes to eProcurement. Download this paper to find out the steps you can take BEFORE an implementation to maximize your savings.