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Services Procurement Innovation: Answering the Hard Questions

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Making Sourcing Savings Stick

Best practice techniques, technologies and general approaches that help procurement teams work with both finance and business stakeholders to set up and manage implementation of savings programs. Examples of how savings implementations can go wrong highlighted to educate about common missteps.

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Overcoming Challenges of Project- and SOW-based Solution Adoption - Part 1

Explore today’s SOW-based adoption patterns, starting with how the environment is changing. Also covers SOW suggestions for overcoming adoption, collaboration and process hurdles in adopting these services procurement platforms and enabling third-party management services.

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Getting the Most From Analytics and Benchmarking

Explores two key (and often confusing!) services procurement subjects, analytics and benchmark data. Includes actionable and practical use cases on the types of basic reporting capabilities, queries and data sets that VMS providers can support, and more advanced analytical strategies and capabilities.

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In Your Backyard and Mine: The Global Labor Challenge

We explore the new era of global sourcing – of talent, specific deliverables, and even business outcomes – along wiht challenges and responsibilities that come along with it. Also looks the importance of cultural norms and localized standards for buying professional services and laborand the worldwide consequences when regional behaviors do not align with global standards and expectations.