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Selecting Services Procurement Technology – Options, Approaches, and Philosophy

The most important element of any decision on services procurement technology is the identification of partners that can support the entire buying lifecycle of “live” commodities, ensuring that any platform under consideration takes into account critical aspects of both cost and non-cost-based sourcing and supplier management elements.

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Services Spend — Beyond Contingent Labor: Achieving And Implementing Savings Across Previously Unmanaged Categories

Learn about the non-contingent services opportunities and Spend Matters’ recommendations for achieving increased levels of savings, transparency and supplier performance across a range of categories in this area.

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Making Procurement a Services Spend Ally: Tips and Tactics for Winning over Business Stakeholders and Spend Owners

How to accelerate services program success by building excitement and momentum for your procurement programs. Underlying philosophy — though not the examples — also relevant for procurement organizations seeking to build momentum for their services in general (outside of just services categories).

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The Managed Services Connection — The Evolving Role of MSPs in Services Procurement

Learn about the procurement / HR MSP connection and other areas factoring into MSP selection including: pricing models and approaches, contingent labor vs. SOW MSP differences, VMS (vendor management system) implications and a shortlist of tier one and tier two MSP providers to consider.