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NEW! Cutting Through Vendor Noise – Applications vs. Networks vs. Platforms

At Spend Matters, we've discussed the importance of designing procurement architecture systems (master data management, analytics, workflow, portal infrastructure, etc.) in a way to reframe overall information capabilities beyond the traditional provider-led "module-menu" approach. We suggest capability coupling to create situations where the sum of a set of technology assets exceeds their contribution elements (a radical departure from how most companies buy and manage applications and software in procurement).

The term "platform" is obviously overused. Is it server-based hardware? Not so much anymore. Is it an operating system (mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone, etc.)? Is it the platforms that are offered as a service via a Platform as a Service (PaaS) technology stack? For a provider, there are no barriers to entry for creatively using the "platform" terminology to evoke feelings of innovation, flexibility, innovation, etc., but as a practitioner, how much credibility can be given to a startup claiming itself as a platform vendor (and what does that actually mean)? How will a startup create its own platform versus working within a larger vendor ecosystem?

This research seeks to answer these questions and more, highlighting how certain products can be combined and deployed for the best results. So whether it's network or cloud or platform - we wanted to dive further and try to provide some insights and clarity to practitioners and providers on how to best frame these terms to improve provider comparison and also spur some creative thinking by practitioners how they, as internal solutions providers, will adopt some of these concepts.