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The Four Faces of Procurement

In this Paper, we look at the changing environment for procurement and procurement professionals, and what that means for the skills and capabilities successful senior executives will need in 2020. We believe the best will be adept at managing across two “dimensions” – the external / internal axis, and the analytical / inter-personal axis.

Combining those two axes gives us four quadrants that describe different characteristics for procurement – the most successful individuals will be those who can play any of the four roles at the appropriate time. We call these the "four faces of procurement" and describe them as:
The Diplomat - worldly, sophisticated, connected but tough
The Analyst - understanding global trends, data, markets and suppliers
The Investigator - using internally generated data to drive value opportunities
The Leader - working with internal colleagues to deliver organisational value

Read this Paper and see if you have what you need to succeed as a top procurement professional in 2020!

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