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NEW! Services Procurement Spring Cleaning: Ten SOW Resolutions to Get Ready For a Lasting Savings Summer

Consider how challenging it can be to keep professional resolutions and plans. One of the reasons for this is that in the procurement world, we’re rarely the only ones responsible for carrying them out – or being 100% accountable for the company’s overall performance in our areas of focus and determination. After all, in many cases, even the best systems and policies we may put in place will not necessarily compel or change behaviors if we don’t back them up with the right means of persuasion, influence and training. Still, for those who have leadership roles in services procurement in particular, laying out a set of goals to measure one’s self to
is absolutely essential given how our role can quickly devolve into fighting a constant set of fires.

Having a list of self-selected resolutions mapping to your own professional goals and objectives for impacting positive change is arguably more important for your own development and standing than even HR-driven MBOs (major business objectives) or other corporate measurement tools. So in this spirit, we set out to write ten statement of work (SOW) resolutions to get ready for an everlasting savings summer. These include:

  • Make a commitment to answer this following question for your enterprise: “What does good SOW spend management look like?
  • Set a program goal not to run SOW programs and complex categories by the seat of your pants. Measure, measure, measure
  • Make a resolution to go big game hunting – or at least to kill a sacred cow or two
  • Find a way to engage a group of project managers “upstream” when they are considering sourcing a project
  • Codify the benefits of managing SOW better for your organization to start proselytizing the budget owners

If you’re involved in services procurement activities for your organization, we have no doubt that you’ll learn from the detail behind our everlasting services procurement spring cleaning resolutions (which we should all make a resolution to complete every year in the middle months before the winter services spend chill takes hold).