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NEW! Human Resources & Sourcing Turf Wars

HR Departments Lose their Prescription for Sourcing Immunity

SpendMatters, Healthcare Matters, and Allianza Partners have collaborated on a series of papers that will reveal dramatic opportunities in the strategic sourcing of fringe benefits. Our hope is that these papers will not only serve to shed light on these opportunities, but specifically uncover the good work that’s already being done in the trenches. Perhaps, the evidence we present might even help bring an end to the unfortunate and costly territorial games that continue to be played. The strategic sourcing of legal and accounting services went from taboo to mainstream about as fast as you can say “30% savings.” Despite such extraordinary price compression, HR departments have remained conspicuously successful at keeping strategic sourcing professionals out. Why? Well, like most good conflicts, the war between HR and Sourcing takes place on multiple fronts.