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Relocation Services or Mobility Services: What's in a Name?

As part of our continuing series of white papers on often overlooked, but ripe service procurement categories — areas of spend typically held close by HR departments—allow us to introduce yet another candidate: employee mobility services, the category formerly known as relocation services. Although managing mobility services is old hat for medium to large enterprise HR departments, this category is genuinely new to the aggregation scene, so the savings opportunities for the biggest and best organizations remain noteworthy. In fact, we have seen savings that range from 10–30% on every employee move in some organizations.

Some may think that the value of aggregation only lies within office products, safety supplies, multi-functional devices, and other areas of indirect spend that aren’t closely aligned and depending on exceptional service. But this series of papers seeks to prove that there have been many success stories in human resources spend areas over the years, including not only relocation services, but temporary labor, pharmacy benefits, dental, and vision.

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