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SAP SRM 7.0 – The Wait’s Over, But Is It Worth It?

Making SRM a Total Cost Success in Your Organization - Background, Tips, Strategies and Tactics — Plus On-Premise vs. On-Demand Costs and Trade-Offs

Given the overall economic environment, 2009 would seem a highly inopportune year to bring any new type of product or solution to market. Yet SAP SRM 7.0 is actually poised to enter the market at an ideal time. After all, when savings and cost avoidance count more than ever before, procurement and finance organizations must achieve results as quickly and efficiently as possible. And what better place to turn than to systems that improve both transactional and operational efficiency while also reducing overall spend levels?

But the context within which companies evaluate SAP SRM 7.0 upgrades/migrations is getting more complicated. Just as this Perspective goes to press, we spoke to two organizations that recently put nine-figure SAP upgrade projects on hold (factoring in software and implementation costs as well). Or consider how more and more companies are looking for faster returns from their systems, scrutinizing total costs and near term return on investment (ROI) more than ever before. However, SAP is listening to their customers and the evolution of the marketplace, presenting a new face to procurement based upon an On-Demand ecosystem that can drive greater flexibility, more rapid results and lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

After downloading this Spend Matters Perspective, readers will learn what features and capabilities are resident in SAP SRM 7.0 as well as how different deployment approaches compare and contrast from a solution and requirements perspective (e.g., supplier enablement, document exchange, etc.). Learn more about the total costs, opportunity and deployment options of SAP SRM 7.0 now.