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Spend Matters PRO

Members-only access to in-depth provider reviews and market intelligence:

  • 175+ Technology Providers Assessments, including:
    • Feature/function & SWOT analysis
    • User requirements checklist
    • Selection considerations
  • 150+ New research briefs published annually
    • Technology market outlooks
    • Adoption and integration guides
    • User Interface (UI) guidelines

SolutionMap Insider

See more of what’s driving SolutionMap results, including members-only access to scoring summaries, ranking insights and recommendations for participating providers:
download sample vendor summary

    • Semiannually updated SolutionMap release reports
    • Provider Summary Scoring sheets, including:
      • Rankings overview by buying persona
      • Solution Scoring Summary
      • Buying Recommendations & Considerations
    • SolutionMap 'Head-to-Head' provider comparison and 'What Makes It Great' articles explaining how a provider excels, including a checklist for ideal customer scenarios

  • SolutionMap Customer Insight Summaries (see section below)

Customer Insight Summaries - Included in SolutionMap Insider

Members-only access to Customer Reference Insights, featuring:
download sample customer insights

  • A one-page summary of select, anonymized qualitative and quantitative real-life user insights per ranked vendor
    • Ratings to what degree the vendor meets user expectations
    • Top 3 key differentiators of the procurement software vendor
    • Listing of the vendor’s greatest strengths in the words of users

Want to know both strengths and weaknesses as noted by customer users? Procurement practitioners engaged in a specific vendor evaluation process can gain access by request and while under NDA, on a case-by-case basis. Such access is restricted to ensure the weaknesses are not used by vendors "against" competitors in the sales process.


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