Comparing Spend Matters TechMatch℠ Technology Selection Services

Helping procurement organizations find best-fit source-to-pay technology fast

Available SolutionMap RFIs:

  • Contingent Workforce & Services (Temp Staffing, SOW, DSWS)
  • Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)
  • E-procurement
  • AP Automation/Invoice-to-Pay (I2P)
  • Sourcing
  • Spend and Procurement Analytics
  • Supplier Relationship Management and Risk (SRM)

They all appear similar. How do I choose the right solution for my organization? It’s a common conundrum for all procurement professionals charged with buying new procurement technology. Instead of spending a lot of time doing your ‘homework’, leverage Spend Matters TechMatch℠ to significantly shorten the RFI process, ensuring you explore vendors who are a true fit for your exact environment.

Buying organizations use TechMatch to:

  • Make the best buying decision based on business and technical priorities
  • Take validated customer satisfaction metrics for vendors into consideration
  • Dramatically reduce the effort required for technology strategy and selection
  • Improve the efficiency of your technology selection effort
  • Rely on up-to-date market information to drive your technology decisions including ‘best-of-breed’ and ‘suite’ vendors

TechMatch subscribers get:

  • An enhanced understanding of your core buying needs
  • A best-fit vendor shortlist
  • Highly tailored vendor benchmark comparisons

TechMatch is powered by Spend Matters SolutionMap vendor capability scores (determined by the analyst team) and 1,000+ end-user references. Unleash Spend Matters unparalleled market intelligence to identify your best-fit technology provider – fast.

SolutionMap Tech Selection Services

TechMatch Concierge
TechMatch Self-Service Application
Yes Yes
(additional advisory scoped upon request)

30 minutes included


4 hours included

Tech Selection Requirements and Data Gathering Support
No Yes
In-Depth Vendor Intelligence
Single-seat Spend Matters PRO membership including Vendor Analysis SWOT library
Yes No
Expert Analyst & Program Manager
No Yes
Plan Details Plan Details


Spend Matters TechMatch℠
$2,500 per category for 6 months' access
This is our faster, self-service approach – although you won’t be cutting any corners for shortlisting.Delivered via a secure, web-based application. Unlimited usage and pdf report downloads.

You are letting our formulated, data-backed automation do the work and inform your shortlist – then you can work with our analysts to distill the results and discuss amongst your team using clear data visuals. Run multiple analysis scenarios using the TechMatch platform for thoroughness, then download the visuals for ample viewing and transparency.

~20 RFI questions per solution module (94 questions for full S2P)

Subscription includes:

  • Self-service diagnostic with decision guidance (to prioritize requirements)
  • Custom report including vendor shortlists and data-driven functionality benchmarks
  • 6-month, single seat access to Spend Matters PRO vendor research
  • 30 minutes Spend Matters phone-based advisory (e.g., analysis of results, pricing intelligence/guidance, etc.)

Best for organizations that:

  • Already "know" they need a particular type of technology
  • Need to "zero in" on the right set of vendors as quickly as possible
  • Require detailed documentation to make and justify a decision or develop initial hypotheses
  • Are comfortable with "self-service" for prioritizing business requirements and vendor selection
  • Desire validation during/after a previous selection process (if applicable)
  • Are considering "switching" from one vendor to another (if applicable)

TechMatch Concierge
Pricing available upon request
Interested in having expert guidance throughout the end-to-end technology selection process? TechMatch Concierge is our more hands on, advisory-based approach and best suited for final stage selection decisions and/or for organizations that require exceptional detail.Your team will answer 681 requirement questions in an Excel spreadsheet. This can require a significant amount of time and back-and-forth depending on how many stakeholders are involved. You will likely find yourself considering many technical capabilities you never considered before. This is the most granular approach – you’re getting exposure to exceptionally detailed business requirements, RFI detail and formulas.

The comprehensive Concierge option includes:

  • Everything in TechMatch (see above)
  • Dedicated Spend Matters program manager
  • Expert analyst advisory (4 hours included)
  • Requirements and data gathering support (virtual)
  • Option for virtual workshops (requires upgrade)
  • Access to Spend Matters PRO (for associated vendor research) negotiable (requires upgrade)
  • Customized recommendations report

Best for organizations that:

  • Have the time and desire for an "assisted" selection process
  • Require expert analyst advice
  • Need to understand / justify the benefits of procurement technology
  • Seek to align internal stakeholders as part of a selection process
  • Desire qualitative insights into potential vendors (e.g., implementation lessons/recommendations, comparative strengths/weaknesses, recent performance, etc.)
  • Have specific technology and systems integration considerations


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