Keep Up with Today's Strategic Procurement Solutions

Use Spend Matters SolutionMap to:
Track market developments & disruptors
Assess provider capabilities based on your needs
Identify your best-fit provider shortlist

How It Works

Choose Technology Category

SolutionMap ranks solution providers across a range of procurement technologies.

Select Buying Persona

SolutionMap buying personas reflect different organizational needs tied to the unique value propositions served by providers.

View SolutionMap Rankings

Compare procurement technology providers, track market developments and identify your best-fit provider shortlist with SolutionMap.

Updated for Spring 2021

Why SolutionMap?

You need to stay on top of technology advancements and understand how they can work to streamline your function.

Unfortunately, many traditional analyst frameworks to compare solution provider capabilities are static and take a ‘one-fits-all’ approach.

Access deep, tailored and current assessments using SolutionMap - a new kind of solution provider ranking. Each SolutionMap...

...Ranks a technology within the procurement and supply chain spectrum
...Comprises equal parts customer and analyst input
...Reflects different organizational needs through ‘buying personas’
...Gets updated semiannually to show market developments

Use SolutionMap on an ongoing basis to keep up with today’s procurement and supply chain technology buying climate.