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SolutionMap: 54 Procurement Software Companies, Ranked (Q3 2018 Update)

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Spend Matters today released its Q3 2018 SolutionMap, ranking 54 procurement software companies across 12 different solution categories, including E-Procurement, Sourcing, Spend Analytics, Supplier Relationship Management and Contract Lifecycle Management — in addition to the first-ever release of the Contingent Workforce & Services SolutionMap. Click on this article to see how to access rankings for free!


Membership Required SAP Ariba: What Makes It Great (E-Procurement SolutionMap Analysis)

It will likely come as no surprise that SAP Ariba is a top-ranked functional provider within the E-Procurement SolutionMap for Q3 2018. But among the 22 providers ranked in the latest e-procurement release, SAP Ariba stands apart from the pack in a number of key areas, showing demonstrated innovation in...

Invoice-to-Pay (I2P)


Basware: What Makes It Great (Invoice-to-Pay SolutionMap Analysis)

Editor’s note: This “What Makes It Great” column is normally reserved for SolutionMap Insider Subscribers, but Basware has generously agreed to support access for readers who are not yet members. The Spend Matters Invoice-to-Pay (I2P) SolutionMap is an amalgam of different markets. On the one hand, it includes capabilities that typically fit squarely...

Procure-to-Pay (P2P)

Membership Required Determine: What Makes It Great (Procure-to-Pay SolutionMap Analysis)

Determine offers a modular, adaptable procure-to-pay solution built on top of a powerful business rules engine and master data management platform. Ideal for industries with unique processes and dynamic compliance requirements (e.g., healthcare, financial services), global firms with cross-border systems, and any organization that emphasizes total cost of ownership for...

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)

SirionLabs: What Makes It Great (Contract Lifecycle Management SolutionMap Analysis)

Just when you thought the contract lifecycle management (CLM) software market fit within a neatly defined 2x2 graph, along comes a vendor that breaks the mold, offering top functional capabilities while also redefining exactly what a CLM provider is capable of. Who is this vendor, you ask? SirionLabs. Although it...

Strategic Procurement Technologies

SPT Image

Membership Required Q3 2018 Strategic Procurement Technologies (Sourcing, Analytics, CLM and SRM): Provider Scoring Summary

This SolutionMap analyzes a select group of strategic procurement technology suite providers (inclusive of spend analytics, sourcing, supplier management and contract lifecycle management).

Spend and Procurement Analytics

Simfoni: What Makes It Great (Spend Analytics SolutionMap Analysis)

Spend analytics tools that stagnate age quickly. But solution providers that listen to customers, practice agile software development and bring a deep knowledge of procurement can flank a large cross section of incumbents — quickly. Simfoni, one of the top-ranked spend analytics software providers by both Analyst and Customer scoring...

Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)

SRM Image

Membership Required Q3 2018 Supplier Relationship Management and Risk (SRM): Provider Scoring Summary

This SolutionMap scoring summary analyzes a select group of supplier management (SXM) providers. It includes coverage of supplier information management (SIM), supplier master data management (MDM), supplier performance management and broader initiative management (e.g., risk, third-party management) capabilities. It is part of our Q3 2018 SolutionMap report series, also featuring...

Zycus Sourcing: What Makes It Great (Analysis)

Zycus got its start in spend analytics. But over the past decade, it has quietly become one of the largest independent source-to-pay providers. Within its broader suite, Zycus sourcing is a stand-out capability, where it beats the SolutionMap benchmark average score for the majority of capabilities. Zycus has taken a...

Source-to-Pay (S2P)

S2P Image

Membership Required Q3 2018 Source-to-Pay (S2P): Provider Scoring Summary

This SolutionMap analyzes a select group of source-to-pay solution providers. It is part of our Q3 2018 SolutionMap report series, also featuring spend analytics, sourcing, supplier management, contract management, e-procurement and invoice-to-pay providers. Our Q3 release also features SolutionMaps for Strategic Procurement Technology suites.

Contingent Workforce/Services


Membership Required TalentNet: What Makes It Great (Independent Contract Workers SolutionMap Analysis)

TalentNet — a provider of talent acquisition, talent management and direct sourcing technology — enables organizations that are looking to source, manage and leverage independent contract workers (ICWs). TalentNet’s technology solution was recently evaluated in Spend Matters’ SolutionMap framework with the Independent Contract Workers (ICW) enterprise solution category. The ICW...