Step 1 / Selected SolutionMap

These solutions address enterprise needs to source and manage contracted services — e.g. consulting, legal, building maintenance — provided by incorporated services supplier businesses. Service delivery is governed under an explicit, material contract between the two parties, often taking the form of an MSA, and performance is typically specified within statements of work (SOW). These solutions support supplier sourcing and management, SOW requisitioning and bidding; contract/SOW development, negotiation and approval; contract/SOW delivery tracking and management; individual worker tracking and on- and off-boarding; and invoice/payment processing facilitation. These solutions accumulate significant amounts of data that can be used for analytical and management purposes. Today they’re offered as point solutions or (more often) as part of VMS and broad procurement source-to-pay suites and could include temp staffing and independent contract worker management capabilities.

 Step 2 / Select Buying Persona
About Personas

Not all procurement organizations are equal. SolutionMap buying personas reflect different organizational needs tied to the unique value propositions served by a provider. Be sure to select the buying persona that most accurately reflects your organization as the SolutionMap provider rankings vary based on weighted requirements by persona.


 Step 3 / Review Contract Services/Statement of Work Solution Rankings Rankings chart
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Reading the Ranking Chart

The color of the provider ‘bubble’ indicates the number of submitted customer references with dark purple being best.

Provider ‘bubble’ size represents solution-specific customer scalability based on customer count, global customer reach, full-time employees and revenue per customer.

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