Step 1 / Selected SolutionMap

A combination of the e-procurement and the invoice-to-pay (I2P) markets. Solution suites and supporting services span the procurement process, including automation of purchase requisitions/orders, receipts, invoices and payments. These systems will offer some level of master data management for suppliers, catalogs, contracts etc., and may also provide additional functionality in such areas as working capital optimization (e.g., dynamic discounts and trade finance integration), expense management, tactical sourcing, and category/industry-specific functionality.

 Step 2 / Select Buying Persona
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About Personas

Not all procurement organizations are equal. SolutionMap buying personas reflect different organizational needs tied to the unique value propositions served by a provider. Be sure to select the buying persona that most accurately reflects your organization as the SolutionMap provider rankings vary based on weighted requirements by persona.


 Step 3 / Review Procure-to-Pay (P2P) Rankings chart
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Reading the Ranking Chart

The color of the provider ‘bubble’ indicates the number of submitted customer references with dark purple being best.

The size of the provider ‘bubble’ indicates their number of customers.