MID Market Fit Explained

The Mid market fit is directed towards solutions that are in the upper-mid market and have an annual revenue in the range of $100 million to $1 billion. These solutions are characterized by their ability to support multiple regions, although their global support may pale when compared to Large market fit solutions. Moreover, they typically have highly configurable functionalities and are enabled with features such as templates and intelligence.

Mid market fit technology capability weightings

Sample of Mid market fit weightings by module against functionality scoring elements

Note: In this Mid market platform capability weightings by module table: the darker the shading = the higher the emphasis

We emphasize the following capabilities in the Mid market fit weightings by module:

We emphasize the following subcategories across the Mid market fit for expense management and carbon management:

Mid market fit modifier weightings

In addition to capability weightings, Spend Matters also uses modifiers that vary by market fit in order to account for factors such as price, geography and value beyond technology to better account for the needs of particular markets. Each market fit also receives an overall weighting emphasis, meaning market-fit-level modifiers are applied more heavily (or not) based on the market use case. As a whole, the Mid market fit applies modifier weightings about halfway between the weight of Large and SME market fits. Modest differences exist across modules within Mid market fits:

Mid market fit customer response weightings

Finally, we also place weights on customer response questions. We do not modify customer scores or construct them ourselves. We use a survey-driven approach that fully excludes the analysts. We do, however, apply weightings to the 20+ questions in the references survey to emphasize the relevance of certain questions for certain market fits. We do not segment or weight specific customer types or overall scores differently; every customer is treated the same. Instead, we apply weightings to the individual questions, so that the differences portrayed in each market fit rely on the relevant factors, rather than give specific customers greater or lesser weight because of their characteristics.

Compared to SME and Large market fits, Mid market fit solutions emphasize customer response survey capabilities such as:

Mid market fits de-emphasize the following customer response question weightings: