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Spend Matters Insider depends on customer input


To benchmark procurement technologies, Spend Matters analysts rate solutions purely based on standardized technical capabilities and requirements.

On the flip side, customer reference scores are essential to reflect real-life satisfaction with the solution, delivery and responsiveness of the vendor.

The more valid references from procurement practitioners, the more accurate the SolutionMap-based member intelligence becomes.

The Ask

Instead of relying on vendors to cherry-pick customer references, we are appealing directly to you… Please share your experiences for the benefit of your fellow procurement professionals.

The Details

The required part of the survey is intended to take no more than 7-10 minutes (8 mostly multiple choice questions) to complete, although you have the option to provide more qualitative insights as well.

All responses will be anonymized and no submissions will be attributed to specific customers. However, your company name is disclosed to the vendor for validation purposes.

You may submit multiple reference surveys for different providers.

The Reward

As a ‘thank you’, you may choose one of these select Spend Matters member articles as a reward:

— ‘20 Questions to Ask Stakeholders Before Implementing Your New Procurement System’
— ‘Write Better RFPs: How to Get What You Want (and Need) From Suppliers’
— ‘Foundational Procurement KPIs Every CPO, Supply Manager and Buyer Needs to Know’

You’ll be asked to choose your reward at the end of the survey – and it will be emailed to you upon validation of your submission**. Want to receive all articles? Submit references for several of your procurement tech vendors!

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