SolutionMap Add-on Services

SolutionMap is a powerful procurement technology comparison methodology.

Are you a procurement professional seeking to identify a best-fit procurement technology provider?

Use SolutionMap Selection Services to speed up your procurement technology selection process:

  • Cut down your RFI time and effort by an order of magnitude
  • Make sure you’re inviting only the most suitable providers, including ‘best-of-breed’
  • Choose the best solution approach – not just the best-fit provider

Are you a technology services provider interested in benchmarking your solution?

Tap into SolutionMap Benchmarking Services to see how your solution compares to thousands of aggregated and validated procurement technology benchmarks.

Receive direct, SolutionMap-based analyst feedback -- following a 90-minute demonstration/briefing -- with Rapid Scan

Get in-depth solution recommendations based on your performance against the SolutionMap benchmark -- with Full Scan

Are you an investor who needs to learn about procurement solutions or access expert transaction / due diligence services?

Unleash unrivaled SolutionMap procurement investment research, connections, benchmarks and technology expertise to inform your next transaction - faster than anyone else.

SolutionMap Insider

See more of what’s driving SolutionMap results with Members-only access to summary ranking insights and recommendations - including scoring summaries of participating providers