Technology Selection Services

Speed up your procurement technology selection process with SolutionMap – a groundbreaking technology selection guide for procurement professionals.

Spend Matters’ SolutionMap is an easy-to-use selection methodology that works for all procurement organizations, regardless of size, industry or budget. It can stand alone or complement other selection processes.

Based on roughly 500 solution requirement benchmarks using a reliable comparison methodology, SolutionMap compares dozens of market leading solution providers using equal parts customer- and analyst-based inputs.

The best part? You can apply your own RFI weightings to get a truly customized assessment highlighting which providers are best in meeting your specific technology needs.

Use SolutionMap Selection Services to:

  • Cut down your RFI time and effort by an order of magnitude
  • Make sure you’re inviting only the most suitable providers, including ‘best-of-breed’
  • Choose the best solution approach – not just the best-fit provider

Unleash SolutionMap’s unparalleled market intelligence to identify your best-fit technology provider – fast. SolutionMap Selection Services include:

Technology Gap Analysis

Determine your organization’s desired future state and inform your technology selection process. Including:

  • Assessment of your organization’s current and desired future technology state
  • Identification of potential technology to address your unique requirements
  • Specific technology landscape review (innovations, newcomers, disruptors)
  • Assessment-based actionable process and data flow recommendations
  • May also include guidance on how to build the best business case across multiple stakeholders
Requirements Identification & Shortlist Selection

Leverage SolutionMap to create your tailored RFI and best-fit provider shortlist. Including:

  • Cross-departmental interview guides
  • Derivation of your custom RFI (in MS-Excel) from SolutionMap-based functional requirements and weightings recommendations – adjusted to your unique technology needs
  • Tailored SolutionMap ranking graphic (in MS-Excel) and provider shortlist selection based on your custom RFI
  • Documentation by individual capability and open-ended follow up questions for all shortlisted providers

Optional: Granular insight into provider SolutionMap performance (not published externally)

End-to-End Technology Selection Guidance

Advisory check-in calls to review technology selection process at key milestones (such as provider scoring review, negotiations, integration, implementation and optimization planning)

Self-Service Options

Leverage procurement solution intelligence through a Spend Matters membership plan.

SolutionMap Insider

Members-only access to Summary Ranking insights and recommendations, featuring:

  • Quarterly SolutionMap Provider Summary Reports
  • Provider Scoring Summaries for SolutionMap Providers (see example) including:
    • Rankings overview by buying persona
    • Solution Scoring Summary
    • Buying Recommendations & Considerations
  • SolutionMap ‘Results Interpretation’ and ‘Persona Deep-Dive’ articles
  • Exclusive historic view of SolutionMap rankings and support materials (beyond current quarter)
Technology Feature/Function Assessments

leveraging Spend Matters PRO Membership, featuring:

  • 75+ providers across the procurement and supply chain spectrum
    • Feature/function & SWOT analysis
    • User requirements checklist
    • Selection considerations
  • 150+ New research briefs published annually
    • Technology market outlooks
    • Adoption and integration guides
    • User Interface (UI) guidelines

Unleash SolutionMap Intelligence to Benchmark Your Procurement Technology Solution - Fast!

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