Technology Selection Services

Speed up your procurement technology selection process with SolutionMap – a groundbreaking technology benchmark for procurement professionals

Available SolutionMap RFIs:

  • Contingent Workforce & Services (Temp Staffing, SOW, ICW)
  • Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)
  • E-procurement
  • Invoice-to-Pay (I2P)
  • Sourcing
  • Spend and Procurement Analytics
  • Supplier Relationship Management and Risk (SRM)

Based on roughly 900+ functional requirements across the source-to-pay and services procurement technology spectrum, SolutionMap reliably benchmarks market leading solution providers using equal parts customer- and analyst-based scoring inputs.

The best part? You can tap into SolutionMap intelligence to identify which providers are best at meeting your specific technology needs.

Use SolutionMap Selection Services to:

  • Dramatically cut down your RFI time and effort
  • Invite your best-fit providers, including ‘best-of-breed’
  • Choose your best-fit solution

Unleash SolutionMap’s unparalleled market intelligence to identify your best-fit technology provider – fast. SolutionMap Selection Services include:

Option A: SolutionMap RFI & Insider Access
$5,000 - $10,000 (per functional SolutionMap area)
Ensure you are on the right path as you shortlist providers and gear up to run an RFI, while optimizing process efficiency and cost.

  • Apply the most comprehensive RFI on the market to ensure an accurate capability evaluation of each participating provider
  • Subscribe to to research and shortlist your appropriate service providers

download sample vendor summary

  • License the SolutionMap RFI template for your chosen solution area
  • 90-day access to SolutionMap Insider: benchmark reports and content for a single solution area with provider scoring summaries
  • Optional advisory components
    • 30-minute analyst call prior to shortlist phase, to identify and select your best-fit persona and explore important considerations for a given technology area
    • 60-minute call for deeper insight into selected shortlist providers and the RFI process
    • 60-minute call post-RFI to discuss your final provider selection
Option B: SolutionMap RFI and Tailored Provider Shortlist
$25,000 - $40,000 (1-2 functional SolutionMap areas)
Leverage SolutionMap RFIs to create your tailored best-fit provider shortlist based on your specific requirements.

  • Identify your internal capability needs using a SolutionMap template
  • Garner a customized SolutionMap to identify your best-fit provider shortlist
  • Use the SolutionMap RFI template to create your provider shortlist


  • SolutionMap RFI(s) including detailed functional requirements with explanation of relevance & benefits
  • Tailored SolutionMap ranking graphic (in MS-Excel) to identify optimal shortlist providers for your organization
  • Ability to adjust licensed RFI to your unique needs (DIY)
  • 90-day access to SolutionMap Insider: benchmark reports and content for selected solution area(s) with provider scoring summaries
  • 4 – 12 hours of advisory pre- and post-RFI which could be used as follows:
    • Requirements and weightings recommendations – adjusted to your unique technology needs
    • Recommendation of shortlist providers plus reasoning
    • Supplementary procurement technology implementation content (such as project templates and pertinent stakeholder interview questions)
    • Emphasis of key evaluation areas beyond generic demonstrations based on jointly defined criteria
    • Summary RFI, shortlist and selection criteria guide
Option C: Full Market Scan & Technology Selection Guidance
$40,000 - $50,000+
Customized engagement throughout the technology selection process. Beyond the previous offerings (Options A and B), Spend Matters can assist you where you need deeper insight. This could include an assessment of your short and long-term procurement technology strategy, expanded stakeholder requirements data gathering and interpretation, negotiation and pricing strategy, implementation and optimization planning or other.

This option can include:

  • Analysis of varying stakeholders’ technology requirements to generate a multi-input, custom SolutionMap accurately reflecting your cross-functional needs
  • Scenario-based modeling of e.g. best-of-breed, future state, legacy systems and integration needs
  • Advisory day to examine the overall technology landscape (latest innovations and outlook) against your procurement roadmap (people, process, technology)plus a ‘buying persona’ selection exercise (if on-site, T&E invoiced separately)
  • 12 – 24 hours of advisory pre- and post-RFI that could be used as follows (in addition to options listed under A & B):
    • Interviews with select stakeholders (IT, procurement, AP/finance, legal, etc.)
    • Open-ended questions to further qualify shortlisted providers outside of functional specifications
    • Input on overall application/architecture strategy

Unleash SolutionMap Intelligence to Benchmark Your Procurement Technology Solution - Fast!

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