Technology Selection Services

Speed up your procurement technology selection process with SolutionMap – a groundbreaking technology benchmark for procurement professionals

Available SolutionMap RFIs:

  • Contingent Workforce & Services (Temp Staffing, SOW, DSWS)
  • Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)
  • E-procurement
  • Invoice-to-Pay (I2P)
  • Sourcing
  • Spend and Procurement Analytics
  • Supplier Relationship Management and Risk (SRM)

They all appear similar. How do I choose the right solution for my organization? It’s a common conundrum for all procurement professionals charged with buying new procurement technology. Instead of spending a lot of time doing your ‘homework’, leverage SolutionMap to radically speed up and improve the process.

Based on roughly 1,000+ functional requirements across the source-to-pay and services procurement technology spectrum, SolutionMap reliably benchmarks market leading solution providers using equal parts customer- and analyst-based scoring inputs. The best part? You can tap into SolutionMap intelligence to identify which providers are best at meeting your specific technology needs.

Use SolutionMap Selection Services to:

  • Dramatically cut down your RFI time and effort
  • Invite your best-fit providers, including ‘best-of-breed’
  • Choose your best-fit solution

Unleash SolutionMap’s unparalleled market intelligence to identify your best-fit technology provider – fast.

SolutionMap Tech Selection Services

SolutionMap Accelerator
SolutionMap Concierge
Complete Self-Service Toolkit
Yes Yes
SolutionMap Insider
Single-seat SolutionMap Insider membership to vendor RFI scoring summaries, recommendations & ratings.
Yes Yes
Tech Selection Requirements and Data Gathering Support
No Yes
In-Depth Vendor Intelligence
Single-seat Spend Matters PRO membership to in-depth provider reviews including feature/function, buying considerations and SWOT analyses.
No Yes
Expert Analyst & Program Manager
No Yes
Plan Details Plan Details

SolutionMap Accelerator
Starting at $5,000

Leverage SolutionMap Accelerator to define and prioritize business / technical requirements, shortlist best-fit providers, dramatically cut down RFI time and effort, justify selection decisions and improve your chances of a highly successful implementation.

Accelerator includes:

download sample vendor summary

  • Detailed business and functional requirements lists
  • Self-service diagnostic with decision guidance (to prioritize requirements)
  • Custom SolutionMap report including vendor shortlists and capability "heat maps"
  • Data drill-down and insight into vendor performance and capability to meet specific priority areas
  • Customer satisfaction benchmarks
  • Functional / technical RFIs
  • 90-day, single seat access to Spend Matters SolutionMap Insider
  • Optional: Spend Matters phone-based analyst time (e.g., analysis of results, pricing intelligence/guidance, etc.) and Spend Matters PRO vendor research
Best for organizations that:

  • Already "know" they need a particular type of technology
  • Need to "zero in" on the right set of vendors as quickly as possible
  • Want a templated approach to support/drive the process
  • Require detailed documentation to make and justify a decision or develop initial hypotheses
  • Are comfortable with "self-service" for prioritizing business requirements and vendor selection
  • Desire validation during/after a previous selection process (if applicable)
  • Are considering "switching" from one vendor to another (if applicable)

SolutionMap Concierge
Starting at $25,000

Interested in having expert guidance throughout the end-to-end technology selection process?

The comprehensive Concierge option includes:

  • Everything in Accelerator (see above)
  • Dedicated Spend Matters program manager
  • Expert analyst advisory
  • Requirements and data gathering support (virtual or on-site)
  • Option for virtual or on-site workshops
  • Single-seat access to Spend Matters PRO (for associated vendor research)
  • Customized recommendations report
Best for organizations that:

  • Have the time and desire for an "assisted" selection process
  • Require expert analyst advice
  • Need to understand / justify the benefits of procurement technology
  • Seek to align internal stakeholders as part of a selection process
  • Desire qualitative insights into potential vendors (e.g., implementation lessons/recommendations, comparative strengths/weaknesses, recent performance, etc.)
  • Have specific technology and systems integration considerations

Unleash SolutionMap Intelligence to Benchmark Your Procurement Technology Solution - Fast!

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