Jessica Gertler

Client Services Manager
Spend Matters

Jessica has an extensive background in project management and client support. She was previously at SRS Acquiom Inc., an M&A tech company, and worked with its legal team to represent the selling shareholders of various companies. She attended a six-month coding bootcamp and caught the startup bug, leading her to work for Techstars Accelerator, where she supported 10 unique tech companies in Chicago's fastest growing startup network. Jessica was recruited as the first Customer Success Manager for one of those 10 startups, 2ndKitchen, a food-tech company. Now with Azul Partners, she continues to support accounts, but instead of learning the complexities of “escrows” or “the best pizza in Chicago” (also very complex), she is enjoying learning the unique needs of procurement professionals. She has a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Denver and still feels bad about dropping out of physics but does have a working knowledge of the DSM-V (not to brag). In her free time, she performs stand-up comedy and teaches dance.