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Prawn (or Shrimp?) Prices on the Rise in the US

In the US, shrimp consumption each year reaches around 600,000 tons with total domestic production accounting for less than 10% of consumption. As a result, the US must rely on imports from other origins to meet demand. In 2012, total US shrimp imports fell by 8% year-on-year to 533,500 tons. Shipments from Thailand, Vietnam, China and Malaysia all fell as production was harmed by a shrimp disease known as Early Mortality Syndrome (EMS). Production in Thailand, the largest supplier of shrimp to the US, was down 8%, while exports to the US dropped a significant 27% to 135,600 tons.

US Pork Prices Set to Fall

Last week we wrote about beef, not long after the news broke that Smithfield Foods will be sold to a Chinese pork producer. So it’s fitting to take a look at pork prices this week.

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