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Vote For Pedro! Vote For Visibility!

Spend Matters is hosting a webinar later this week titled: Vote For Visibility: Yes, Procurement and Data Can Dance. It’s taking place Wednesday, March 27, […]

Procurement Information Architecture Part 4: Master Data Management [PRO]

The good news with MDM applications (and analytics) is that they are bona fide “composite applications” that can fill in the holes of the incomplete data models of your existing applications, and allow you to not only fix the data at the source to reduce downstream transactional errors and also improve analytic capabilities, but they also allow you to more strategically manage your “information supply chain” next to your physical value chains. And who wouldn’t want to do that?

Vendor Ratings in the Post-Analyst Apocalypse

(Part 1) Wouldn’t it be great to have access to a vendor rating solution that tells you how a given technology provider performs – something […]

Iasta: Innovating in the Procurement, Finance, and Supply Chain Analytics Market [Plus+]

In strategy and footprint, Iasta appears closest to BravoSolution, a provider that has also prioritized a combination of organic solution development, high-touch customer sales and account management, and surrounding sourcing and procurement transformation services under its solutions umbrella. Yet Iasta is anything but copying from another singer’s songbook, despite the logical comparisons. Rather, Iasta is pursuing a strategy with different elements intersecting in various ways to point them down a somewhat unique path. Before exploring these, though, let’s step back for a minute and review Iasta’s capabilities and background.

Procurement Information Architecture Part 3: Analytics

In this second installment, we will discuss the value of breaking the analytics technology stack into different building blocks so that procurement and IT can be better satisfied in their individual goals. Although spend analysis is not even 10% of the overall supply analytics footprint, it is a good illustration of this concept. Here’s my ‘dummies guide to procurement analytics architecture’ in three layers.