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SAP Ariba users’ reviews are in the new SolutionMap Customer Insights report

Q1 2019 Spend Matters SolutionMap procurement software company rankings

Today, the inaugural Spend Matters SolutionMap Customer Insights report features reviews from SAP Ariba’s customers. We are taking a deeper look into our SolutionMap database, which ranks providers in the marketplace according to their capabilities and their customers’ reviews of the companies. SolutionMap has more than 900 customer reviews, and we’d like to share that insight for a few providers, beginning with SAP Ariba. (SolutionMap Insider subscribers can see the reports, but non-subscribers can see a sample report in this story.) The Customer Insights summary includes ratings to what degree the vendor meets user expectations, three key differentiators for the vendor and a list of quotes about the vendor’s greatest strengths.

Kimberley-Clark on Metrics and Adoption with Ariba

Earlier this month at Ariba Live, Kimberly-Clark’s Richard Roe (Project Lead for e-Invoicing and Ordering) gave some background on his company’s supplier enablement and connectivity […]

"Applications Unlimited" Oracle vs. "We Know Best" SAP/Ariba (Part 1) [Plus+]

It’s rare for a large ERP/MRP and business applications deal between top enterprise software vendors (Oracle, SAP) to hinge on the comparative capabilities of the procurement suite. The same holds true of evaluations involving a new generation of often (but not always) middle-market driven providers like Workday, NetSuite and others that have more limited source-to-pay capabilities.