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References and Selecting a Provider: Wallmedien, Ariba, and More [Plus+]

Recently I had the pleasure of speaking with a practitioner about his use case and experience in rolling out a procurement and vendor management solution from Wallmedien. This provider is not as well known in the US as it is in Europe, but has significant experience enabling complex procurement environments, especially with SAP back-ends and existing SRM investments.

Comparing SAP and Ariba for Sourcing (Part 1)

The following post is based on the Spend Matters Compass Series paper Evaluating the Capabilities of ERP Providers Compared to Independent Vendors – Know Your […]

Suppliers and Ariba: Prisoners or Not?

Last Friday, we shared a competitor's perspective that "Ariba doesn't have customers, it has prisoners" – at least in the case of its suppliers. But […]

Ariba, SAP, and Supplier Diversity (Part 3)

Please click here for Part 1 and Part 2 of this series. Frankly, in looking at today's topic areas for discussion, Ariba does better than […]

Ariba, SAP, and Supplier Diversity (Part 2)

Please click here for Part 1 in this series. We can evaluate the SAP/Ariba supplier network on three basic elements in terms of smaller businesses: […]

Ariba, SAP, and Supplier Diversity (Part 1)

We often spend a lot of time on the notion of supplier diversity in choosing the right set of localized suppliers (see recent coverage here, […]

The Future of the Ariba Network with SAP (Part 3) [Plus+]

The future of the Ariba network under SAP is clearly dependent on taking advantage of the fundamental shift in scale, speed, data and analytics that SAP already has in their technology arsenal. If SAP gets the future of the Ariba network business right, the only provider they'll have to worry about in the near-term horizon is Oracle, which has similar underlying assets they can exploit. But the good news for SAP in this regard is that Oracle has a very limited network capability today and no experience with network commercial models in the procurement area.