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Basware and BravoSolution: Customer/Competitive Analysis + Recommendations [PRO]

BravoSolution and Basware’s solutions are deep – industry leading, in fact – in certain areas. Basware’s capabilities in e-invoicing and the broader area of accounts payable (including analytics) automation are hard to match. But Basware has yet to prove significant scale adoption of Alusta in broader P2P deals, and its older platform has had limited eProcurement traction outside of the Nordic markets, compared to other vendors. There are of course other challenges in bringing the two together, especially as partners. But overall, we’re excited and bullish. Customers, potential customers, and partners of both companies should be as well - PRO members, click through to read why.

Basware’s Quarterly Results and Forward-Looking Strategy [PRO]

We've featured Basware pretty regularly on the Spend Matters sites. As a very major player in e-invoicing, then purchase to pay, and now recently also with a spend analytics and sourcing capability, that's not surprising. But Basware is unusual in being both a pure procurement/supply chain firm and publicly quoted. So we get quarterly updates on their performance as they declare numbers for their investors on the Helsinki stock market. That’s something privately held firms don’t have to do, for which they are truly thankful! Today we provide a glimpse into the numbers, their forward-looking strategy, and a brief interview with CEO Esa Tihila.

Analytics at the Core of P2P and E-Invoicing: Basware’s Transformative Effort [PRO]

For many P2P providers (aside from those with robust spend analysis modules that extend beyond GL and invoice-centric analysis), analytics has been a bolted-on afterthought. It’s included in the solution as a standard set of reports, or it’s an inexpensive – yet often somewhat useful – add-on buried in the price sheet. Regardless, analytics are historically of secondary concern and certainly not a selling point to users, who are more interested in the process, workflow, processing, routing, validation, matching, integration and other components of the e-invoicing and eProcurement applications. Analytics? Just give me some reports.

Basware’s Record Growth: Analysis Beyond the Reported Numbers [Plus+]

There are obvious reasons why competitors should be interested, of course, but we could argue that customers need to keep an eye on solution providers as well. It’s not just about looking out for financial problems or potential bankruptcy even, but it is worth knowing where key suppliers might be looking to invest, cut costs, or change focus. Today, we’re looking at Basware, who recently announced record growth for their network.

Basware: Out of the Sauna, Into the P2P Fire (Part 2)

Please click here for the first installment in this series as well as our initial coverage on Spend Matters UK/Europe. In continuing on with our market, financial and […]

Basware: Out of the Sauna, Into the P2P Fire (Part 2) [PRO]

In continuing on with our market, financial and competitive analysis of Basware, we come to our summary competitive position analysis. Please note this section (and the rest of this series) does not do justice to Basware’s new platform, Alusta, which we’ll be exploring in additional detail later in Q1 and Q2 on.

Basware: Out of the Sauna, Into the P2P Fire (Part 1)

The first part of this research brief appeared on Spend Matters UK/Europe. We feature PRO analysis following this introduction. We’re in the heart of company results […]

Basware: Out of the Sauna, Into the P2P Fire (Part 1) [PRO]

We’re in the heart of company results season now and one of the big players in our market announced their 2012 figures recently. Basware, the P2P and e-invoicing firm came in with results that – in classic hedging our bets fashion – we could take as glass half-full or half-empty. At a headline level, sales of 113.7M Euros, up 5.5M on last year, were pretty static if we take into account the additional revenues that must have flowed from the acquisition of the German firm First Businesspost GmbH in early 2012. And operating income of 8.3M Euros, down a third (from 12.3 in 2011), was the smallest profit number since 2007.