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Best of Everything Else: Procurement Applied to Wedding Planning, Black Friday Shopping, and Turntables

One of the obstacles one encounters while putting together these “Best Of” posts concerns excellent posts that don’t fit into any neat category. Some can be subcategorized by “Procurement Best Practices as Used in Purchasing Alcohol for Social or Personal Functions” or “Drinks in General,” the latter covering booze and coffee. But what about buying vinyl? Or reminiscences of procurement challenges past? To close out 2013, here are the “best of” oddball posts from a range of contributors.

Best of Pierre Mitchell: Cost Avoidance, Apple’s Supply Chain, and of course, the Bill of Rights

Today's "Best Of" moves on to top posts written by Pierre Mitchell, who, since the photo of him from the Spend Matters holiday card was taken, has grown a beard-- to a mostly positive reception. But, back to the original topic, here is a subjective list of Pierre's best posts from the second half of 2013.

MOD GoCo Gets the Dead Parrot Treatment: Best of Peter Smith

Christmas and 2014 are almost here, so it's again "Best Of" time on Spend Matters. It gives us the chance to take a break from work and look back at our best posts from this soon-to-be-over year. This time around, we're compiling best posts from each contributor for a healthy amount of individual recognition. Here are some posts written by Peter Smith this year that are not to be missed.

Oracle and Ariba/SAP, Supply Intelligence, Vroozi: Best of 2013’s Technology Coverage

From individual “Vendor Snapshots” to overarching viewpoints on where the sector’s technology has been and where we see it going, this is one of our favorite areas to explore here at Spend Matters — and one where we are proud of providing original thought, insightful analyses, and unbiased opinion. Hedge, obfuscate, or pander? Never.

Best of Labor Day Posts: Spend Management’s Future, Sourcing Labor, and Doughnuts

Yes, five again. But there’s a reason for it this time. After five consecutive years of Labor Day posts, it makes sense to look back and revisit that very first Labor Day post about doughnuts—and how things have evolved since. We wish you a fabulously relaxing Labor Day, if relaxing fabulously is your sort of thing. But for our readers outside of the U.S., check back later today for a round-up of labor news and a guest post from Mintec on soybean prices.

Closing Out “Best Of” With Peter Smith’s Picks from the Spend Matters UK/Europe Archive

Here are Peter Smith's own picks from Spend Matters UK/Europe. Take for instance "'Cod and chips please. No, I said COD'! Buying fish – do you know what you’re getting?" Certainly a worthy entry for "Best of Titles," if such a category existed. Happy Sunday everyone.

Best of Spend Matters: Comments Without Context

When I was an 18-year-old student in journalism school, instead of joining the traditional newspaper or writing for the online North by Northwestern, I found it much more fun to write off-topic comments on the aforementioned blog. You could make a game out of how many errors you find in a night of copyediting, sure. Or you could do as I did, and see how many of your stupid comments make it into “Context-free Comments,” a regular feature in NBN’s quarterly print magazine.

Category Savings, 3D Printing, and GSA’s Reverse Auctions: Best of Guest Content

Spend Matters extends a big thank-you to all our guest contributors. From NPI’s Jon Winsett on guaranteed service refunds to Archstone’s Josh Peacher on category savings opportunities, here are the guest posts that have generated discussion and seen consistent interest from our readers.

Best of Spend Matters UK/Europe: Procurement Interview Questions, Music Tips, and Horsemeat

Take for instance Peter's music tips: "The industry buzz is that 2013 is going to see guitar bands making a bit of a comeback after some years of pop, R n’B and electronic dance music dominating the charts and the teenagers’ iPods. BBC Radio 1 has decided “Rawwkk” is in favour, good news for young UK bands such as Tribes, The 1975, Young Guns, Twin Atlantic, and slightly more established acts like the Blackout, You Me At Six, and Bring Me The Horizon who could all step up to arena-touring status this year. As an example of the sort of thing we might be hearing more of this year, here are The 1975 with 'Sex', from their recent EP, which is really promising."

Best Of: Friday Rants

Happy Holidays! While the Spend Matters team is off merry making, here's some of our best content from 2012 for you to enjoy. We'll see […]