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GEP: Procurement Services, Software, and BPO Under One Roof (Part 3) [Plus+]

One area that deserves additional consideration is GEP’s req-to-pay environment, which for many customers, could round out the rest of the integrated suite or stand alone in its own right. In recent years, through organic development and its acquisition of Enporium, GEP gained (and integrated) P2P capabilities including greater catalog management/search capabilities (with cross-catalog search and the ability to support both punch-out and hosted catalogs, more advanced order tracking/routing, invoice reconciliation, etc.)

GEP: Procurement Services, Software, and BPO Under One Roof [Plus+]

Earlier this spring, Pierre Mitchell and I had the chance to sit down with GEP at their global headquarters in New Jersey. During the discussion, we learned quite a bit about this unique firm’s offerings, market positioning, and strategic direction. Because GEP is attempting to go where few have successfully gone before – combining significant proprietary software assets in an end-to-end procurement suite with both BPO and consulting services – it is worth stepping back to understand a bit about the provider’s offerings, history, and current go-to-market approach. Later we’ll offer our analysis about how GEP stacks up in the broader market compared to other services and software providers.

Proxima: Procurement BPO Prospect, Customer and Competitive Recommendations and Analysis [Plus+]

In our Proxima series on Spend Matters, we explored the nuances and approach of this UK-based procurement BPO provider that is increasingly building global traction in the United States and beyond. In this concluding post, we will provide our analysis of how Proxima stacks up in the procurement BPO market as well as offer an opinion on the demographic characteristics of organizations that are most likely to find taking the time to get to know Proxima a worthy investment.

Services Procurement: Holding Managed Services Providers (MSPs) Accountable to a BPO-Based Standard (Part 4) [PRO]

The landscape for services procurement BPO is rapidly changing. In recent months, we’ve started to see BPOs such as Procurian take an aggressive stance in buying category-focused specialty firms and analytics providers such as Media IQ (marketing spend). And we know of others on the prowl for similar category specialists across the services spend area including legal, IT/BPO (and vendor management), professional services and related areas.

Procurement BPO: Seven Questions CFOs and CPOs Should Use to Vet Firms Before an RFP [PRO]

Yesterday I had the chance to connect with HfS Research’s Tony Filippone, a former procurement executive who has spent his share of time not only around complex categories and stakeholder (not to mention demand) management as a practitioner throughout almost all of his career, but is also an expert in the business process outsourcing (BPO) market, owing to his firm’s focus on it. In the discussion, we chatted about numerous things procurement, including the transformation of the procurement BPO market from one of fewer, larger deals to numerous, smaller transactions (at least to kick off relationships).