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GSA Schedule 70: The Federal Government’s Amazon

Spend Matters welcomes this guest article by Dan Warn, VP at BravoSolution. Last year Congress passed the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act (DATA Act), designed to expand the amount of federal spending data available to the public. The federal government is now under tremendous pressure to improve spending transparency, cut costs and be more efficient than ever. For many agencies, attaining these goals might feel like a considerable undertaking, however, it’s also an opportunity to look for a better, more strategic approach to procurement.

Not All Spend and Suppliers Are Created Equal

Spend Matters welcomes this guest article by Rick Long, vice president at BravoSolution. “When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” Unfortunately, this common phrase is all too often representative of the approach taken by many so-called “strategic” sourcing organizations, where sourcing professionals go blindly into strategic sourcing exercises using the wrong tools or techniques for the situation.

Lessons in Supplier Development: The Apple Watch

Spend Matters is pleased to feature this guest post by Mickey North-Rizza, VP Strategic Solutions at BravoSolution. April 24, 2015, marks the release of the long-awaited Apple Watch. The hype around this new product is quickly gaining momentum and shipments are expected to reach 4.8 million units in Q1 and up to 9 million in Q2. These high projections could have some serious ramifications for the supply chain, especially since Quanta Computer is said to be the sole manufacturer of the watch. In light of these factors, significant supply and demand issues are expected.

Procurement Technology Fear Tactics – Solving the Adoption Challenge

Spend Matters welcomes this guest article by John Ryan Shaw, senior director of adoption services at BravoSolution. Do people really fear new procurement technology? I don’t think so, certainly not in a literal sense. It is hard to picture a sourcing professional sitting upright in the middle of the night, sweat beading down their forehead, trying to shake images of giant procurement technology monsters emerging from the surf. No, it is much more likely that technology fear is rooted in the known or unknown implications of a technology change. We present some tactics to use to overcome the challenge of implementing new procurement technology.

4 Reasons Why You’re Not Aligned

Spend Matters welcomes his guest post from Mickey North Rizza of BravoSolution. By now I’m assuming you know about the importance of aligning procurement’s initiatives with larger business goals. I’ve written about it, other Spend Matters authors have written about it and I’m sure you’ve heard it discussed at various conferences. Yet few companies are making real progress on alignment. So what’s holding them – and perhaps your company – back?

Spend Matters 50/50: BravoSolution – A Provider to Know

The success of BravoSolution in both the private and public sectors (in Europe) is due to specializing in the strategic side of procurement (rather than transactional support and connectivity). It is for their capabilities and expertise in strategic procurement that we’ve included them in the Spend Matters 50/50 "know" list.

The Problem with Procurement: Misalignment

Every day, I talk to CPOs and directors of procurement about where they are struggling (some things they probably wouldn’t even admit to their bosses), how they define success and what they really want from their team and the business. The answers vary, but they all agree on one thing: they don’t want procurement to be the old-school, back-office function any longer. They’re ambitious and driven…but often don’t know where to start on their journey towards success.

Basware and BravoSolution: Customer/Competitive Analysis + Recommendations [PRO]

BravoSolution and Basware’s solutions are deep – industry leading, in fact – in certain areas. Basware’s capabilities in e-invoicing and the broader area of accounts payable (including analytics) automation are hard to match. But Basware has yet to prove significant scale adoption of Alusta in broader P2P deals, and its older platform has had limited eProcurement traction outside of the Nordic markets, compared to other vendors. There are of course other challenges in bringing the two together, especially as partners. But overall, we’re excited and bullish. Customers, potential customers, and partners of both companies should be as well - PRO members, click through to read why.

Government Spending Round 2: Automation Changes Everything

Consider the experience of the Musanada, the procurement agency of the government of Abu Dhabi. Encumbered by inconsistencies and inefficiencies hidden in paper-based sourcing and acquisition processes, Musanada’s team know that they were missing out on savings opportunities. With an e-sourcing solution, they cut the time required to create and issue an RFx from two weeks to two days; eliminated more than 50 percent of the manual analysis required to evaluate bids; and built an auditable trail of the selection process, protecting integrity and ensuring fairness.

Beyond the Political Debate over Government Spending: Procurement May Have Answers

Let’s start with what spend analysis could do in the area of government spending. I think it’s fair to say that most taxpayers believe that government spending is inefficient and not at all transparent to those whose dollars are being spent. Many believe it’s bloated as well ($800 hammers, anyone?). Tackling the problem of where and how dollars are being spent might, in fact, give the U.S. government an interesting answer to the question of whether more revenue is the answer.

Conflict Minerals Compliance: Can You Use Something Already in Your Technology Tool Bag?

This coming Tuesday, July 9th, at 10:00 AM CDT, Spend Matters and MetalMiner will be hosting a webinar that promises to shake up the notion that you need a specialized toolset to manage conflict minerals compliance. The webinar (and registration link), Conflict Minerals Technology: Compliance Through Spend Analysis and Existing Tools, will cover a broad range not only spanning how to tackle conflict minerals compliance with a prescriptive approach that leverages existing solutions in your procurement and supplier management technology portfolio, but also the current state of the conflict minerals compliance market.

Advanced Sourcing: A Direct Materials Case Example

The complexity of the supply chain was important, as the company had a history (and reason) to buy from both distributors and manufacturers in the past for these line items. Distributors offered the advantage (at a cost, of course) of bundling in freight and material storage/stockholding into the cost equation, along with better payment terms than going manufacturer direct.