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Business intelligence platform ‘Suppleye’ launches with free insights tool


The new business intelligence tool Suppleye launched today with the goal of giving businesspeople a free, real-time view of how their clients and suppliers are faring.

“Generally speaking, commercial roles have got harder over the last few years,” said Suppleye COO Tim Czerwonka. “There are masses of important information out there that is going unseen, and the solution to which can only be sources and software.”

FusionOps – More Business Intelligence for SAP – iPad App and Sales Analysis Add-on [Plus+]

Based out of Sunnyvale, CA, FusionOps is a solution provider focused on improving visibility into SAP data. In their own words: “ready-to-use business analytics, dashboards, and metrics within hours, without requiring any hardware, software or professional services.” The company has now released an iPad (there is no iPhone version yet) application (downloadable for free from Apple’s App Store, but you of course need a FusionOps account to make it work) and added SAP Sales Analytics support to their offering.