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Transforming Sourcing and Supplier Management: Seeking Process Excellence

Michael Cross began this series of blog posts by discussing the concept of the manufacturer of the future. He intentionally narrowed the emphasis on how manufacturers are beginning to transform their sourcing and supplier management functions, as these activities have become far more strategic than just a decade ago. These functions now require different skills, processes, and technology enablers. Yesterday, he focused on how the skill sets in the back-office need to evolve. In today's Part 2, he will talk about processes, specifically emerging best practices that can greatly facilitate this evolution.

Transforming Sourcing and Supplier Management: People, Process, and Technology

The positions of procurement, sourcing, supply chain, and supplier management have become very strategic. There should be no more order taking, and your team needs to be able to show that they add significant value. Your staff must be good communicators who can manage upward and across business functions. They need to be very good at project management and data analysis. In addition, there are three specific qualities you need to look for and develop. This is the first in a three-part series by Directworks' Michael Cross to be published this week.

Spend Matters 50/50: Directworks – A Provider to Watch

We’re keeping our promise of writing up the Spend Matters 50/50 in the order in which we received their quick RFI response for their entry in the Almanac. If the procurement early bird gets the worm, Directworks takes the prize here. It’s no surprise actually that Directworks was the first to respond. After all, this is a manufacturing-centric procurement provider that is working with organizations with strict on-time performance requirements.