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Another June Wedding: We're Merging Spend Matters and Spend Matters PRO

Around this time last year, we launched Spend Matters PRO, our premium subscription service. Despite not having a direct sales presence – not to mention with what amounts to word-of-mouth marketing – we managed to sign up over 50 different paid member companies through May 2013. And thanks to some new channel partnerships, that count will number over 250 this July. It’s all very exciting for us, but there is much, much more to come. We’ve held off on the aggressive push on PRO commercially in large part because it’s taken a long time to truly turn our original vision into a reality.

Supplier Management Musings: Technology Requires Change Management — Aravo, SEC Regulations, Dodd-Frank, MDM and More (Part 1) [Plus+]

Advanced SIM solutions, including Aravo’s, go beyond supplier onboarding and also address broader supplier risk management, reporting, and integration capabilities for Master Data Management (MDM) initiatives and far more. Aravo’s SLM solution (as all on-demand/SaaS/cloud solutions delivered remotely over the web fundamentally must be to stay relevant) is fully enabled to incorporate (i.e., integrate) data from ERP, P2P, performance management, contract management, legacy and other systems that either gather or consume data tied to vendor activities.