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Spend Matters: A New Role For Sheena Moore

Every company has a Sheena Moore. You know, the first (or second, third or fourth) employee in a firm who is hired to do one role, but also happens to pick up a few more on a full-time basis in addition to fulfilling what she was originally hired to do. As we’ve grown, so too has Sheena, taking on responsibility across just about every area of Spend Matters. Rumor has it, she’s even been in the code on occasion.

Welcoming Lisa Whalen as Spend Matters VP of Sales and Business Development

It’s about time. Actually, it’s five years later than it should have been based on Spend Matters traffic, growth, and influence. But we finally hired a truly outstanding person, Lisa Whalen, to run sales and business development for us globally. Lisa will join Bill Busch (my father and the first employee of the firm!) on the commercial side of the Spend Matters business, overseeing all client sales and partnering activities. Bill will continue in his role as VP of Client Services, helping shape and manage strategic customer relationships.

New Spend Matters Faces: Welcoming Assistant Editor Sydney Lazarus

We’re woefully behind in welcoming new faces and sponsors to Spend Matters these days. The amount of activity in the office and across out sites has never been greater. But that’s not an excuse! Our first new welcome goes out to Spend Matters new Assistant Editor, Sydney Lazarus. Sydney joined us earlier this year as an intern, while still completing her undergraduate work at Northwestern (Medill). Sydney is actually the first real editor we’ve had Spend Matters with actual training in this thing called journalism (which the rest of us have tried to learn, but largely failed).