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Ivalua NOW — Covid has changed companies’ boundaries: More opportunities for procurement

Ivalua Now

Ivalua NOW wasn’t all about Ivalua – they had some excellent sessions on a variety of topical issues, one of which took our eye.

Natacha Tréhan PhD, Professor in Purchasing Management from the University of Grenoble Alpes, gave an informed and thoughtful presentation on the contribution of procurement to economic renewal. She believes “we can no longer copy and paste the past, the Covid crisis has highlighted the urgent need to rethink business models.” She explained the key future trends and how they impact business models and why innovation is crucial to economic renaissance. She explained what we mean by innovation in the procurement sense, and how procurement needs to rethink its role in innovation projects to explore new ecosystems and choose and manage suppliers to increase the success of innovation projects.

Ivalua NOW Europe 2021 — Payments overview and innovation showcase

Ivalua Now

We attended Ivalua NOW Virtual this week — a compendium of the procurement and supply chain issues of the day explained, explored and delivered by some inspirational speakers from industry and academia. Ivalua is the suite provider with French roots and based in California. Topics ranged from the restoration of growth following the business disruption of 2020, through the empowerment of organizations to attain the agility and resilience needed to deliver maximum value in 2021. We noted that CSR and innovation seemed to be the recurring themes throughout the two days and across the strategic objectives discussed. Here are our key observations from the inaugural Ivalua presentations with more from other speakers to come.

Procurement in 2030: More change coming than ever before


We talked to Dave Jones, indirect and IT procurement leader, to understand more about his session at the forthcoming eWorld event.

You’ll see from the agenda that there is an abundance of content streams to choose from. All are run by people rich in experience who are ready to share their learnings and personal take on the great issues of our industry today. David has worked with several large businesses including Waitrose, Efficio and Vodafone, and until very recently was a member of the leadership team with John Lewis Partnership where they undertook a complete digital transformation of the source-to-settle landscape. He believes that we will see more change in procurement over the next five to 10 years than we have experienced in the last 20. So his session will cover the key trends he sees, what it means for everyone involved with procurement and how you can prepare for them.

Getting to a global procurement function with Fujitsu at eworld 2021

Fujitsu at eworld

The opening keynote at eworld March 2021 will be from Dr. Clive Rees, Vice President, International Chief Procurement Officer at Fujitsu. He will be talking about his experience of moving towards a global procurement function in “The Good, the Bad and the Global.” Clive has responsibility for all indirect spend at Fujitsu globally. In a career spanning more than 35 years in the procurement sector, he has worked across various industries, negotiated large outsourcing and off-shoring deals, and set procurement strategy across continents. So it will be fascinating to hear his experience of journeying through a procurement transformation from disparate country purchasing departments to a category- and country-focused global team to garner greater value from the supplier base and deliver greater savings to the stakeholder.

Your Booth-By-Booth Guide to HR Tech: Non-Employee, Contingent Workforce, Gig Economy Solution Providers and Bears: Visit Them All!


Yesterday, I did a kind of tongue-in-cheek post, entitled “The Elephant in the Room at HR Tech: Contingent Workforce,” pointing out the near-total absence of non-employee, contingent workforce, gig economy solutions at HR Tech.  However, in the outside world, there are actually numerous solutions (like VMS, online freelancer marketplaces, FMS, et. al.) designed to address this growing and increasingly important workforce.  Though still only an emerging topic in HR circles, we know that HR professionals really are intensely interested in the future of work (now at our doorstep) and in how their organizations will engage contingent labor and talent, given increasing talent gaps and shifts in how the workforce wants or needs to “go to work.” With that in mind, I wanted to point out several solution providers that will be at HR Tech — all having very significant connections to the non-employee, contingent workforce, gig economy.  I’ll also provide some links to some of our pertinent articles for more information.

Global Procurement Tech Summit: A Wrap!

Global Procurement Tech Summit

The ISM and Spend Matters Global Procurement Tech Summit (#ProcureTech2016) is a wrap. Despite the hurdles in marketing an event at the same time as Ariba LIVE (not by design!) and with less than seven months from finalizing the idea through to executing it, nearly 300 people took a chance to attend the first-time event. While the perfectionists in us would have liked to tweak a number of things, the event was, based on the feedback we received from participants, a smashing success. And next year will be even better.

Hanging Out with Hubwoo in the Belly of the Beast at SAP Sapphire (Part 1)

Last month, I went down to Orlando to co-present with Hubwoo at a small AP conference, and since it was during the same week as Sapphire, I decided to attend. I did not go to SAP Sapphire as a ‘sanctioned’ analyst, so I had a terrific time walking the floor, speaking with SAP/Ariba employees at the demonstration booths, and attending practitioners sessions unencumbered by having to go through an ‘analyst relations’ group that often market influencers away from the sessions where reality lives.

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