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Analyzing 2017 E-Sourcing Savings and Trends with Scanmarket

Last week I touched down in London to attend and speak at Scanmarket’s eSourcing Exclusive Summit. Scanmarket is a provider of strategic sourcing software and over the years has developed a particular expertise and customer following based on its reverse auction capability and formats. During the event, Henrik Balslev, senior vice president of operations for Scanmarket, gave a presentation on e-sourcing and reverse auction trends. I thought it would be valuable for Spend Matters readers to hear some of the data Balslev shared.

ISM 2017: Talent, Procurement Zen and a CPO’s Warning About Technology

I attended a Q&A session with a handful of the “30 under 30” winners in supply management at ISM 2017, and all I can say is that these young professionals from firms like GE, Johnson & Johnson and Coach are indeed impressive (see some of our interviews in the links below). The competition for the designation is increasing, and the winners are increasingly interested in supply management from the get-go. In the first year of the program, only 17% of the winners came into the industry proactively with a supply (chain) management degree, but 40% of winners this year (the third year) were supply management graduates and practitioners.

#ProcureTech2016 — The Innovators: Analytics and (Artificial) Intelligence Track Breakdown

So you have to make a decision. They say that indecision can be worse than wrong decision, but the fact remains you'll need the right team in place to deploy your spend and the right technology to enhance it. All of these moving parts point to one word: intelligence. Arguably the most important aspect of procurement, intelligence and advanced analytics are needed for better supply intelligence to boost savings and innovation while reducing risk. Smart tools are in play, as well, in delivering higher return for stakeholders. Data innovation will take center stage in Baltimore, March 14–16 at the Global Procurement Tech Summit from ISM and Spend Matters.

Is a Woman the Next CPO of Your Procurement Organization?

Women in Procurement

Gender diversity in the c-suite doesn’t just benefit women, it significantly contributes to a company’s bottom line. Yet the gender gap looms large in many corporations and specifically in the supply chain and procurement industry. We discussed this issue yesterday in our initial coverage of the Gender Equality in the C-Suite and Board Room symposium, which took place in Chicago this week. One message from the conference was clear: diversity pays — it leads to better financial returns, better performance, investor interest, innovation and a better company reputation.

What Procurement Events Should You Attend in 2013? (Part 2) [Plus+]

ISM – Let’s be candid. ISM events are generally inferior in terms of content consistency. The great irony of this is the approach they take to evaluate potential presentations and speakers nearly a year in advance! It clearly doesn’t work, as the amount of duds and dogs that work their way on stage who would never pass muster at Procurement Leaders, SIG, ProcureCon or other shows is more than material. Yes, there are some great talks. But overall, the ISM conference brand is the most inconsistent of all in learning and speaking quality.

What Procurement Events Should You Attend in 2013? (Part 1) [Plus+]

Procurement Leaders – I personally think Procurement Leaders events are the best investment one can make in procurement-specific conferences based on the fact that their format is typically (at least in the past) only a day long (or less) and the structure just works. And for networking with procurement executives and a more senior audience (from consultancies and vendors), PL stands alone.

Shared Services, Outsourcing and Procurement – Curious Intersections or Tomorrow’s Three-Way Marriage (Part 2) [PRO]

Overall, I considered the event to be an accelerated period of learning, despite our procurement and BPO in-house expertise at Spend Matters. The case examples shed material light on the challenges around shared services and outsourcing both from a conceptual and analytical perspective as well as with loads of practical advice on what specifically to do, what to avoid, and what to expect.

Shared Services, Outsourcing and Procurement – Curious Intersections or Tomorrow’s Three-Way Marriage (Part 1) [PRO]

A new conference has crossed the Atlantic. And you might not have heard of (not yet anyway) but if they keep putting on events as good as the one I attended in Atlanta a few weeks ago, you will. is headquartered in London, founded and led by Susie West, who spent a good number of years in sales with OB10 prior to starting her own firm toward the end of 2007.