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Contingent Workforce & Services Landscape Definition and Overview

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This landscape definition and overview report focuses on the capability and value of various types of solutions within the contingent workforce and services market from a procurement perspective.

Crowdsourcing and Cognitive Computing: Are You Ready for the Future of Work?


In the contingent workforce space, much of the attention on new channels for sourcing work in different modalities has tended to focus on online freelancing and gigs, where individual workers are engaged online to perform activities or projects (e.g., write a blog, develop a web site). However, less attention has been given to what we might call microtask-based crowdsourcing, where a problem or task is presented to a crowd that collectively provides small units of work, which are then aggregated, processed and assembled into a more comprehensive output.

Understanding Platforms and Ecosystems in the Contingent Workforce Space

In the contingent workforce management world, most of technology solutions (ATS, job boards, VMS) have legacies going back to the year 2000 or earlier. But more recently, digital platforms have begun to gradually emerge in various parts of the contingent workforce supply chain, as new solution technology providers enter the space and as some established technology solution providers invest in upgrading their underlying technology.