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Coupa Inspire Dispatch: Rob Bernshteyn on Facts, Figures and Updates

Yesterday at Inspire (see my previous live coverage from the event here, here and here) Coupa’s CEO Rob Bernshteyn offered up a number of facts, updates and figures on Coupa which I thought would be worth sharing with Spend Matters readers.

Note: these facts, figures and updates centered primarily on Coupa usage, partners and adoption at the product level. Let’s begin!

Coupa Inspire Dispatch: Rob Bernshteyn on the Shift to Business Spend Management

Rob Bernshteyn, Coupa’s CEO, kicked off Inspire 2018 this morning with an hour-long speech that only he could pull off.

Rob’s talk zig-zagged between providing an overview that framed spending and buying in a new context (“business spend management”), providing a fly-by of Coupa’s suite on a high level, diving deep into products in specific areas, sharing what seemed like 100 screenshots of current and emerging capabilities (especially centered on community intelligence and user guidance) and ploughing through some 50+ facts and figures highlighting different areas of progress Coupa is making.

Coupa Inspire Kicks Off: R20 and Beyond  

As we dial up our coverage of Inspire 2018, it’s worth stepping back for a moment and doing a level set on what Coupa has unveiled this year already. Coupa R20 was a critical release for the provider, one which we described previously as “revolution through evolution." As we noted in our previous coverage, some of R20’s main improvements were focused on services procurement and community-based intelligence, which “allows users to extract insights from the B2B data generated within the Coupa buyer and supplier base.”

Coupa Inspire Kicks Off: Dueling With ISM 2018 and What I’m Watching For  

I touched down in San Francisco last night to attend Coupa Inspire. A number of members of the Spend Matters team are dividing and conquering between Coupa’s customer event and ISM 2018, which is being held on the same dates. If you’re at either conference, look for the ragtag Spend Matters crew. Xavier Olivera flew into Inspire along with me, and along with our trusty, local San Francisco analyst Andrew Karpie, we’ll be the ones on the ground in San Francisco.

Coupa’s Rob Bernshteyn on How to Spend $80M+ and Our Questions Ahead of Coupa Inspire [Plus+]

Yesterday, I had the chance to catch up briefly with Coupa’s President and CEO Rob Bernshteyn about the provider’s recent $80 million funding round, which valued the company in excess of $1 billion. The discussion was actually quite boring, but not in a bad way – Rob is anything but dull. However, there seems to be little change in direction – or even an evolution – of Coupa’s strategy. Rather, it is more of the “high-growth same” if you will – an emphasis on customers, markets (e.g., geographic) and continued suite innovation, in Rob’s words. In this Spend Matters Plus analysis, we share some of the notes from our discussion with Rob as well as our outlook for Coupa Inspire this week and questions that we hope to get answered from attending.