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Planning a Long-Term Response to the Bangladesh Factory Fire [Plus+]

Firms need to move away, even if only slightly, from their unrelenting focus on driving down costs. Addressing these issues also requires buyers to have a better understanding of their supply chains and suppliers. The first step towards doing anything positive for the workers is to have customers know and understand who is doing what for them in their supply chains. Without that knowledge, nothing can be achieved. But in many cases, the web of contractors, sub-contractors and sub-sub-contractors is complex and opaque. It’s no wonder many buyers give up and just hope for the best in terms of their supply chain risk strategies.

Apple CSR and Supply Management Reporting

Of all companies, Apple is the most in the spotlight for corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices and its supply chain. Supplier labor practices continue to […]

The Evolution of Procurement: Where We’ve Been, And Where We’re Headed [Plus+]

I wonder whether we’re beginning to see a fundamental change in society and business that will affect the drivers for procurement as well, and perhaps lead us into another era for the function? Slower economic growth in the developed world; competition in the West from BRIC and other fast developing countries; growing issues around raw material and resource shortages, from water to raw minerals, food to oil; all these may lead to organisations and government changing their priorities somewhat.