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Procurement data nightmares? No more bad dreams — join our webinar with Creactives


Organizations are thinking more deeply about their categorization strategies and are putting more and more store by what harmonized procurement data categorization can do for them when applied in an AI-driven manner. The problem for procurement is that they are often asked to work with spend data that comes from both structured and unstructured origins and which is merged from various sources, including disparate IT systems from various regions. They then have to align it and somehow arrive at a global, single and accurate view to help them understand what is being spent where, when, how and with whom in order to help procurement deliver business value (not to mention savings).

Recognizing that many procurement organizations are still struggling with data challenges and are seeking advice on how to solve them, we are putting together a webinar with the experts at Creactives to help organizations understand exactly what they can realistically do.