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Digital Procurement balances business requirements to improve efficiencies 

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Coordinating the various needs of a business is a challenge, for small and large organizations alike. Whether you’re looking to improve your processes or meet projected targets, ensuring everyone in your business has what they need to function optimally can take up precious time and resources that hinder opportunities for more strategic projects and talent development.

Empowering teams to own their procurement processes through digital purchasing systems improves efficiencies while maintaining staff independence. By ensuring everyone in the organization has the items they need without inundating the procurement team with purchase requests, operational requirements are balanced in a way that improves business function and helps achieves goals.

Procurement teams need to go through internal processes of implementing digital change, while still streamlining processes to secure the resources and financial wellbeing for the broader organization. One way to do this is through online procurement, which provides substantial benefits that shouldn’t be overlooked. Following are a few tips on how using a centralized procurement function can improve your business.

Procurement in Practice — JSC Ukrainian Railways CPO talks to Spend Matters

CPO Sergii Dovgalenko

For our new monthly CPO interview series, Spend Matters' Nancy Clinton talks with Sergii Dovgalenko, an experienced procurement strategist and transformation executive. He is also a licensed tutor and author — his most recent book being “The Technology Procurement Handbook: A Practical Guide to Digital Buying." Prior to being CPO of JSC Ukrainian Railways, he was head of procurement for Etihad Airways in the UAE, where he headed up indirect procurement and P2P operations. He shares some career and recent insights.

“The interesting aspect of this,” explains Sergii, “is that we find ourselves working within parts of the business you wouldn’t normally expect for procurement."

Amazon Business Exchange: ‘Digital-First’ – Interact with Amazon Business and its customers in a free-to-attend event

Next month, October 6-7, sees the return of Amazon Business Exchange (ABX) — a free-to-attend event for procurement, finance and supply chain leaders. This on-line event will bring together a community of B2B buyers from procurement and the supply chain, and representatives from industry, to connect and collaborate and to share the experiences and learnings that heads of procurement and finance from some of largest organizations across Europe are experiencing right now. Two morning sessions will address the business buying challenges that leaders are facing and will have to face up to in the coming months.