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Women in Procurement Wednesday: Anne-Sophie Le Bloas on following her own path to develop a direct materials solution, tackle a huge opportunity

Anne-Sophie Le Bloas

Indirect materials procurement has dominated technology coverage and innovation for decades now. If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that the time has come for direct materials technology to shine. The market is growing, and the opportunity is ripe for the taking. Anne-Sophie Le Bloas saw this market developing.

Le Bloas has nearly 15 years of experience in direct materials supply chain and sourcing, and she was puzzled over the lack of digitalization and innovation on the direct side. She couldn’t believe some of the biggest, most cutting-edge companies in the world used Excel spreadsheets to track data from suppliers and sourcing.

That's why she started Ravacan. We sat down with Le Bloas to learn more about her experience in direct procurement and how it was being a woman growing up in the field.