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CPOs (and Practitioners, Plus/PRO Members): Pay Heed to Today’s Webinar!

Chief procurement officers, practitioners and Plus/PRO members are strongly encouraged to attend today's webinar, An Oracle ERP Procurement Update. This pop-up event will take place at 10 a.m. CDT and will discuss ERP procurement as it stands today, innovations within Oracle procurement and expectations for OpenWorld. Register here.

Exploring A/P and Procurement Best Practices at P&G: Lesson 3

The third lesson to remember is that the invisible hand needs to make invisible opportunity visible. Even when companies strive to simplify the value chain, there are still opportunities, albeit they tend to be hidden and difficult to find. P&G has employed many typical strategies for creating value in the P2P process, including an ERP backbone "wrapped" with appropriate best of breed solutions, a supplier portal strategy and others.

Hubwoo and Microsoft Partner: Relationship Dynamics and Ecosystem [Plus+]

Even though Phase 1 of the Hubwoo/Microsoft relationship is targeted at Dynamics AX users (typically middle market and larger enterprises rather than SMBs only), the overall Dynamics AX installed base, including other solutions targeted at smaller businesses, includes 350,000 businesses. Microsoft told Spend Matters that one of the growth engines of Dynamics AX has been CRM, which has had 34 quarters of consecutive double-digit growth with a current user base of more than 39,000 companies, and 3 million individual users. Longer-term, given this significant CRM traction, it’s possible to see how Hubwoo’s Network could potential integrate on the “sell-side” of enterprise solutions, helping organizations identify new sources of business and directly link these opportunities into CRM.

When are ERP E-Sourcing Tools the Best Fit (Part 2)

The following post is based on the Spend Matters Compass Series paper Evaluating the Capabilities of ERP Providers Compared to Independent Vendors: Know Your Size […]

Comparing SAP and Ariba for Sourcing (Part 1)

The following post is based on the Spend Matters Compass Series paper Evaluating the Capabilities of ERP Providers Compared to Independent Vendors – Know Your […]

A Vinimaya Update: Version 6.0 and Beyond (Part 4) [Plus+]

In concluding this look at Vinimaya, our summary perspective is that the toolset can still provide significant value as an add-on – or “surround strategy” in Spend Matters parlance – to third-party ERP procurement and potentially even best-of-breed P2P toolsets. While Vinimaya has not been growing as quickly on a new customer basis as the growth leaders in the eProcurement market with requisitioning tools in recent years (e.g., Coupa, Ariba, etc.) based on the familiar (and new) customer logos we have seen in their presentation, we believe that customer adoption growth rates are likely to accelerate as more of the market, especially the ERP base, becomes aware of what Vinimaya can offer.