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A Vinimaya Update: Version 6.0 and Beyond (Part 3) [Plus+]

The real power of the power-user experience in the new Vinimaya UI comes into play when more advanced users are looking to place a familiar order (but one that they might not have saved specifically in the past. In this situation, they can enter, in free text form, as many part numbers as they want (or cut and paste a selection of part numbers into a form) and upon submission of a basic form, they’ll be presented with their selection of items to then confirm and added to a shopping cart based on the preferred sources of supply or other criteria (e.g., best SKU level pricing). The information presented back prior to confirming a check-out is significant and can include pictures, item-level details that a usual shopper would be interested in, etc. At this stage of confirmation, quantities can also be adjusted. Users can save the cart, abandon it or check out.

A Vinimaya Update: Version 6.0 and Beyond (Part 2) [Plus+]

The ability to influence shoppers at the point of search and acquisition is a key element of the Vinimaya experience, for which the provider receieved a process patent on in the federate search area. Speaking of the user experience, when a typical frontline buyer (e.g., employee) shops via Vinimaya (regardless of the underlying eProcurement system), they come into an environment where they’re greeted with a relatively simple screen with limited clutter and a long search bar. Clearly, Vinimaya has gone to school on Coupa in regards to this first impression, although Vinimaya is not quite at the same “clean” level – even if the power behind their federated search and presentation differentiates it from best-of-breed eProcurement tools that are not yet embedding this level of capability.

A Vinimaya Update: Version 6.0 and Beyond (Part 1) [Plus+]

We recently had the chance to catch up with the leadership team at Vinimaya, including getting a solution update and demonstration of their latest 6.0 release. In the past, we’ve reviewed Vinimaya’s solution in depth (see our past posts here, here, here, and here). For those who don’t want to take the time to go through what we’ve said in the past, Vinimaya is essentially a front-end (with significant plumbing – in fact the pipes are what make it special) to eProcurement systems such as Oracle eBusiness Suite iProcurement, PeopleSoft SRM, SAP SRM and Ariba Buyer, Coupa, IValua, JD Edwards and others. Vinimaya’s federated search capability was one of the first in the market to allow true, real-time cross-catalog, cross-web, cross-inventory search, presentation and comparison of real-time catalog information.