Friday Latte Content

High Frequency Trading, Evolution of Hummingbirds, Saturn’s Moon Contains Water

Ever wonder where hummingbirds come from? Or if there's life on other planets? We here at Spend Matters talk about that sort of thing all the time. And then we speculate how to improve those extra terrestrials' spend. Coming soon: Benchmarking your Planet's Benchmarks.

Unsold Olympic Merchandise, Monsanto Sued Over Wheat Contamination, Facebook Ad Overhaul, Free Doughnut Day

Friday Latte goes well with a free doughnut courtesy of National Doughnut Day. It makes today's supply chain and procurement news all the more digestible, with British toymaker Hornby in the red with millions of pounds worth of unsold Olympics merchandise (who doesn't want a London 2012 branded double-decker toy bus?), the world's largest seed company in a lawsuit over genetically modified wheat contaminating nearby regular wheat, and Facebook's ad format overhaul.

Apple Taps Pegatron, Eurozone Unemployment Hits Record High, Bangladesh's Special Trade Status– Revoke or No?

Bringing you the serious and the frivolous is Friday Latte's specialty. Apple diversifies its suppliers with Pegatron, debate rages over Bangladesh's special trade status, the Eurozone unemployment rate hits a sobering 12.2%-- and lastly, Motorola presents an eyebrow-raising tattoo idea.