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GT Nexus and Purchase Order Finance – Going Upstream from Taulia, Tungsten and Ariba

Spend Matters and Trade Financing Matters have both long argued that invoice-based discounting and payables and receivables financing programs are just the tip of the trade financing iceberg in terms of getting cash into the hands of suppliers more quickly. My colleague David Gustin recently shared how GT Nexus is targeting purchase order-based financing, which in many ways represents the next frontier of tech-enabled trade financing programs. David suggests that GT Nexus, the world’s largest cloud-based business network for global trade, with over $100 billion of goods managed on the platform, is now offering purchase order finance.

An Introduction to GT Nexus – Targeting the Direct Supply Chain With Applications and Network Capability

supplier network

Trade Financing Matters' David Gustin recently attended the GT Nexus customer conference to gain a better understanding of the provider’s strategic direction in the market following its merger with TradeCard Inc. Given its focus on enabling global trade and direct spend, GT Nexus is often overlooked by those in procurement who are considering solutions in the purchase-to-pay and supplier network areas. Perhaps they should reconsider.

Striking the Right Cost Balance in Global Sourcing

Rising labor costs continue to affect trade and force companies to look to less developed regions. One of the causes behind accelerating demand for higher wages is technology. Factory workers in countries such as Vietnam and Bangladesh who have worked for minimal hourly compensation know what’s happening at other factories around the world. And as a result, they are demanding more. For industries such as apparel where labor makes up a major component of production, there’s a trend of production shifting further down into even more remote regions, like sub-Saharan Africa. In places like these wages are lower and the potential for savings can be huge, but there are many pitfalls. Where's the balance?