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Spend Matters 50/50: GXS (OpenText) – A Provider to Know

Within the supplier network sector, there are many providers that like to dismiss EDI as a thing of the past. I can think of only a handful of smaller vendors in the new supplier network and e-invoicing guard are still supporting full-fledged direct materials connectivity with suppliers (and they’re doing so on a limited scale, typically without support for complex industry scenarios). The rest are just claiming EDI is dead without even really knowing what they’re taking about. Well, let us proclaim that EDI is not dead – it has changed dramatically. And GXS/OpenText is living proof of the transformation.

RollStream (GXS): Supplier Management Prospect, Customer and Competitive Recommendations and Analysis [Plus+]

Spend Matters recently gave an updated company and product analysis of RollStream, a supplier information management (SIM) provider that was recently acquired by the EDI, trading network and peripheral direct materials business applications vendor GXS. We have long been impressed with RollStream’s user interface, which has taken a social networking-driven approach to presenting both buyers and suppliers with information in the context of supplier onboarding, initiative management (e.g., CSR, diversity, risk) and broader lifecycle management (e.g., continuous updating and maintenance of pertinent information including but not limited to AP-centric data).