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Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine contamination could have been avoided with traceability, monitoring of supply chain risk from procurement


Mix-ups in supply chain and procurement happen. But when it’s a high-profile issue, like the recent Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine mishap, it can make the general public distrustful and leave procurement professionals wanting to lend their expertise.

Although the mass vaccination effort is more of a focus for supply chain teams, it’s actually a great opportunity for procurement to step up and provide a way forward. Read why in this interview with John Bermudez at TraceLink, a pharmaceutical procurement solution provider.

UK government gets vaccine procurement right — What can we learn?


Spend Matters welcomes this post from Peter Smith, procurement expert and author. 

The UK government has taken a lot of flack over the past year in terms of its Covid pandemic-related procurement. However, in one spend area, the UK appears to have outperformed most countries, including the member states of the European Union. That is in the acquisition of Covid vaccines, perhaps the most important procurement of all in this past year.

Figures from earlier this month showed that some 15% of the UK population had been vaccinated at a time when the figure stood at 3.6% for Spain, 3.1% for Germany and just 2.4% for France. So what did the UK get right, and what can we learn that might be applicable in other procurement situations? It looks like the UK really understood the nature of value and how that related to this specific procurement. Peter Smith explains why this is a vital point for all procurement, but one that is too often forgotten.

There’s More to the MedAssets Deal for Healthcare Procurement Than You Think

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Like a saint cut apart into various relics, spread across the land to bring hope to those praying for more cost efficient and effective healthcare, the assets of MedAssets are getting hacked into strategic pieces. As my colleague Tom Finn reports on our sister site, Healthcare Matters, Pamplona, a private equity firm, is buying part of the assets of MedAssets and planning to combine its “revenue cycle management business with its Precyse business, and to sell the MedAssets spend and clinical resource management business to VHA-UHC Alliance, a network largely composed of not-for-profit hospitals.”

Taming the Healthcare Cost Beast

Spend Matters welcomes a guest post from Jim Kiser, of GEP. The cost impact of employee health care benefits has now escalated to a tipping […]